Imagine if the head of NASA, the head of the US Airforce, and many top
US scientists issued a report that stated in its conclusion that
Aliens do exist and that they are visiting our planet on a regular
basis. Well, that is EXACTLY what the COMETA report is, which was
issued by the French Government.

The COMETA report is a fully sactioned report by the French Government
published by their head of their equivalent of NASA, their head of
their Air Force, and many of their top scientists and thinkers. The
conclusion of the report is that Aliens unequivocably exist, and that
they have been visiting our planet for a long time!

The other thing that it does is the report points a finger squarely at
the US Government and in it they say that WE KNOW MORE than they do
because we have been secretly capturing and reverse engineering alien
technology for over 50 years!

So why would our Government keep aliens a secret? There are several reasons.

1) The Government doesn't want to admit that there is a potential
threat to US security that they can not deal with. Aliens present
such a threat. Alien technology is litterally thousands of years more
advanced that what we had at the end of WWII. While we had prop
airplanes that could fly at 300MPH, aliens have gravity drives capable
of faster than light travel and the ability to visit other galaxies.

2) The Government wants to secretly acquire and use recovered alien
technology for military use. And so they cover it up.

3) Around 1947 you had the War of The Words Broadcast that litterally
caused a world wide panic. So the Govt. could only conclude that the
average american wasn't ready to handle the truth.

As a result of the above reasons, the Government has spent trillions
of dollars to cover up the fact that Aliens do in fact exist. They
have NASA which hides the fact that aliens exist on a regular basis -
starting with erasing the certain parts of photos that the space craft
take of alien buildings on the darkside of the moon in 1960s. NASA says they are looking for alien organisms in the rocks on
Mars, when they have known that aliens exist for over 50 years! Why?
Two reasons, they need to maintain a front for the military to reverse
engineer the alien technology in secret, and they provide more avenues
to waste money with commercial contractors.