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Interesting 9/11 conspiracy movie

Loose Change is the highly controversial internet film written and directed by Dylan Avery, produced by Korey Rowe with researcher Jason Bermas. The film presents a wide array of 9/11 conspiracy theories to set forth the claim that elements within the United States government planned and executed the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. The film was released through the creators' company, Louder than Words, and received wide attention after Loose Change 2nd Edition was featured on a Binghamton, New York local FOX affiliate, WICZ-TV (FOX 40).[1] It is one of the most watched films on the Internet, with over 10 million viewers in 2006.[2]

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Korean Girls doing Kareoke... totally classic!


Borat rules!

Kitten Composer... Ahhh soo cute!

Top Searches for October 11, 2006Prev. DayChange

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Top Searches for October 11, 2006 Prev. Day Change
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3. Sheryl Crow Breast cancer awareness -
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5. Tamara Dobson Model-turned-actress dies -
6. The Biggest Loser 56 more pounds lost -
7. Project Runway Is Jeffrey cheating? -
8. New York Yankees Joe Torre is staying on -
9. One Night with the King Faith-based movie -
10. New York Mets NLCS game 1 rained out -
11. Grey's Anatomy Dempsey vs. Washington -

Briefly: Special edition (RED) iPod expected tomorrow

Briefly: Special edition (RED) iPod expected tomorrow
October 12, 2006 - Apple and Bono have teamed up to launch a special edition (RED) iPod nano, which will be unveiled tomorrow during Bono's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, according to widespread reports. The launch comes one month after Think Secret tipsters first said a deal for a (RED) iPod was close to being completed.

The iPod nano is said to be a 4GB model that is wrapped in a special red case and priced at the same $199 as other 4GB iPod nanos. $10 of each sale will be going to Bono's AIDS-awareness charity, (RED), which passes the funds on to The Global Fund, an organization that helps women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The launch of the iPod will represent one of the first (RED) products to be available to customers outside the United Kingdom, where special (RED) American Express cards and Motrola SLVR phones are available, among other items.
"To the Dark Lord
I know I will be dead long before you read this
but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret.
I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can.
I face death in the hope that when you meet your match,
you will be mortal once more.
R. A. B."

Is R.A.B. Regulus Black, Sirius's younger brother? Why?
1. His note addresses the Dark Lord a term used by Death Eater's.
Regulus was a Death Eater who turned on Voldemort and was eventually
destroyed by him or his followers.
2. The Death Eaters knew about the Horcruxes as Voldemort said in the
graveyard in GOF to his Death Eaters: "And I asked myself, but how
could they have believed I would not rise again? They, who knew the
steps I took, long ago, to guard myself against mortal death?"
3. Regulus's middle name could be Alphard - named after his uncle.
Other wizard characters are named after same gender family names like
Harry James Potter and Tom Marvolo Riddle.
4. A locket that nobody could open was found at 12 Grimmauld Place and
was discarded. It is thought either Kreacher took it with other items
(Horcruxes) or perhaps Mundungus stole it.
5. Regulus removed the Horcrux with Kreacher who being an elf with
limited magical powers was able to join Regulus in the one-wizard
boat, but two people were required to drink the poison liquid. Regulus
wrote "I" have stolen the real Horcrux, because he didn't respect his
accomplice as an elf enough to be credit him.
6. Voldemort in Book 4 says of his death eaters. "There are 6 missing
death eaters, 3 are dead, one too cowardly to return - he will pay
(Karkorff?), one who has left me - he will be killed (Regulus) one who
remains my faithful servant - he will re-enter my service (Snape?)."
7. The writer of the clue had to be dead given the way the message was
written. Regulus was meant to have died the same year as HP's parents
died, which was 16 years before the message was read. Yet, the message
suggests the writer was aware of the prophecy that Voldemort would
meet his match. Since Harry could command Kreacher, there were no
living relatives of Sirius (such as Regulus) who could inherit #12
Grimmauld Place.
8. Why did Harry inherit #12 Grimmauld Place and Kreacher if they
weren't going to feature in the final book?

Is Snape is working for the light all along? Why?
1.Dumbledore trusted Snape. OK Dumbledore made big mistakes but he
appeared to have had some cast-iron guarantee like an unbreakable vow.
2. Perhaps Dumbledore was dying of the poison and had instructed Snape
beforehand to kill him so that Snape would gain the trust of the Death
Eaters, who would lead him to Voldemort. For this same reason, Snape
took the unbreakable vow to protect Malfoy.
3. Perhaps Dumbledore paralysed Harry under his invisibility cloak to
stop him interfering in the plan and to protect Snape.
4. Dumbledore said "please Severus" - why would the most powerful
wizard plead for his life?
5. Dumbledore was overheard arguing with Snape in the Hogwarts grounds
- was this because Snape didn't want go along with Dumbledore's plan
which involved killing him?
6. In the battles in the Tower, Snape never hurt Harry or his accomplices.
7. Snape owes a debt to Harry after James, Harry's father saved his life.

Borat' defends portrayal of Kazakhstan

'Borat' defends portrayal of Kazakhstan
2 hours, 50 minutes ago
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - The comedian known as "Borat" appeared briefly in Amsterdam Thursday, praising the city's freewheeling nightlife and defending his portrayal of the central Asian country of Kazakhstan. Borat boasted of picking up a date at a popular Amsterdam bar known as a gay meeting place.

"This woman reminded me of Kazakhi woman, she was more tall than me, with hair on arms, and some hair on face, and deep voice," he told the Dutch press.

Radioactive Snails Lead to Spain-U.S. Atomic Probe

Radioactive Snails Lead to Spain-U.S. Atomic Probe
(via – The discovery of radioactive snails at a site in southeastern Spain where three U.S. hydrogen bombs fell by accident 40 years ago may trigger a new joint U.S.-Spanish clean-up operation, officials said on Wednesday. (7 hours and 28 minutes ago)

"We have to study the dirt, we have to look underground," said Juan Antonio Rubio, director general of Spain's energy research agency CIEMAT, which is carrying out an investigation with the U.S. Department of Energy.

"We don't know what's down there."

Jupiter's Little Red Spot Growing Stronger

Jupiter's Little Red Spot Growing Stronger
(via – The highest wind speeds in Jupiter's Little Red Spot have increased and are now equal to those in its older and larger sibling, the Great Red Spot. The Little Red Spot's winds, now raging up to approximately 400 miles per hour, signal that the storm is growing stronger, according to the NASA-led team that made the Hubble observations.

Mac vs. PC Halo Style

Well, the WWDC’s keynote speech has come and gone. I must say, I was expecting a bit more out of the demo of OS X Leopard. The features are cool and somewhat useful, but nothing ground breaking. I know that I’ll really enjoy spaces with all the browsing porn…. uh, I mean… work that I do. But I don’t think that there really was anything worthy of making Microsoft delay their release of Vista another year; although, the fact that it’s still complete crap right now should be reason enough. The new mac pros are definitely sexy though.

And now, for something completely different…

I guess that third guy is a PPC mac? Maybe an old one running OS 9… that was a pretty moody OS.

This spoof reminds me of good ol’ Red vs. Blue. I used to watch those videos years ago and they were pretty damn funny. I wonder what they are up to now days. I guess I’ll go check them out after I post this.

PS3 vs. Wii

We get a lot of spoofs submitted to us everyday, most of which we scrap because they are no good. This one, however, caught our attention for obvious reasons ;)

Macs vs. PCs

Well, this made me laugh. But seriously, 300 million people doesn’t mean that PCs are “better”. I’ve used Macs for two years and before that I was exclusively a PC user. There is not one thing I preferred on my PC. If the majority / big numbers meant something was better then 50 cent would be the new Bach and Bush an amazing president. I can’t actually thing of one good reason for me to use a PC, so if anybody can think of one, let me know.

Martians Abduct Google's CEO and Erase The Master Plan!

Google’s Master Plan: Erased!
By Nathan Weinberg
Robert Scoble was at the Googleplex yesterday, and he says that someone has erased the famous Google Master Plan. Now, while the Master Plan is a big joke (employees use it to write down every ridiculous idea they have, like Google Diets, Google Ski Conditions, Google Casino, space travel, weather control, orbital mind control and crop circles), erasing it is a big deal, given the amount of work that went into it. My guess is it was a dramatic gesture related to Sergey Brin’s call last week for Google to work more on improving existing products than releasing new ones.

Co-founder Sergey Brin is leading a companywide initiative called “Features, not products.” He said the campaign started this summer when Google executives realized that myriad product releases were confusing their users.

“It’s worse than that,” said Brin, Google’s president of technology. “It’s that I was getting lost in the sheer volume of the products that we were releasing.”

New Crop Circles Discovered

New Crop Circles discovered.

Some Strange Crop Circles Appear in the Midwest

Some Strange Crop Circles Appear in the Midwest